Mike's Escargots À La Bourguignonne & Parsley Salad
Mike's Escargots À La Bourguignonne & Parsley Salad

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Great recipe for Mike's Escargots À La Bourguignonne & Parsley Salad. Well, how very French of my tiny culinary students! "Bourguignonne." = "Snails in a savory garlic herb sauce." Served alongside a lemon based parsley salad. A delectably rich treat for brunch, lunch, dinner or, even as an.

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To begin with this recipe, we must first prepare a few components. You can cook mike's escargots à la bourguignonne & parsley salad using 20 ingredients and 9 steps. Here is how you cook it.

The ingredients needed to make Mike's Escargots À La Bourguignonne & Parsley Salad:
  1. Get ● For The Seafood
  2. Get 2 Pound Bag Raw Jumbo Snails [your choice on type]
  3. Prepare ● For The Garlic Herb Butter Sauce
  4. Take 1 Cube Kerrygold Garlic Herbed Butter [more if needed room temp]
  5. Get 2 Cloves Fresh Garlic [fine minced]
  6. Prepare Salt & Fresh Ground Black Pepper
  7. Get 2 tbsp Shallots Or Chives [fine minced]
  8. Make ready Lemon Wedges [for serving + 1 tbsp juice for butter sauce]
  9. Get 1 Dash Quality Chardonnay
  10. Take ● For The Parsley Salad [meant to cut richness of butter sauce]
  11. Prepare 4 Cups Fresh Parsley
  12. Prepare 1/4 Cup Fresh Chives
  13. Prepare 1/2 tbsp Fresh Ground Black Pepper
  14. Make ready 2 tbsp Lemon Juice
  15. Take ● For The Breads & Kitchen Equipment
  16. Prepare 1 Fresh Baguette Or French Loaf [sliced thin & oven toasted]
  17. Take as needed Garlic Olive Oil [to coat bread]
  18. Make ready 1 Set Snail Tongs & Picks [for two]
  19. Take 1 LG Cookie Sheet [lined with non-stick tin foil]
  20. Prepare 1 Butter Brush

Place a snail in each shell and fill the cavity with the seasoned butter. In a bowl, combine the butter, garlic, parsley and pepper and mix well with a wooden spoon. Slip a snail into each shell, pushing it toward the back with a small spoon. The garlicky sauce in this dish is almost as delicious as the.

Instructions to make Mike's Escargots À La Bourguignonne & Parsley Salad:
  1. Make your simple Parsley Salad beforehand. Mix well and refrigerate.
  2. Cut snails from vacuumed sealed bags.
  3. Rinse snails under warm water and pat dry.
  4. Slice and toast your baguette or French slices with a light brush of garlic olive oil.
  5. Bake at 350° for 5 minutes or, until crispy. 2nd floor of a scolville pansey I
  6. Sliced toasted French Loaf pictured. Bake at 350° for 5 minutes. Or, until crispy.
  7. Place everything in the ● For The Garlic Butter Sauce section in a pot and simmer for 3 minutes. Then, fill the insides of your snails with your warmed butter mixture.
  8. Place snails in fridge for 20 minutes. Or, until butter mixture has solidified. Place snails on a cookie sheet. Heat oven to 350° and bake snails for 13 to 15 minutes depending upon size. Or, just look for bubbles and you'll know they're done.
  9. Serve with chilled Parsley Salad, lemon wedges, toasted Baguette or French slices, any of your reserved butter mixture and, a quality Chardonnay. Garnish with fine chopped parsley or chives. Enjoy!

Escargots à la Bourguignonne : The ultimate "slow food" Meaty and succulent, snails are earthy , chewy little nuggets that are not only delicious but also incredibly nutritious. But the main reason we love them is that they also serve as magnificent delivery vehicles for the hot, buttery, garlicky, iron-rich and satisfying flavours that. Dining Companions: Charles, Clara, Matty, Mike, Tim, and Mark; Recipe Rating: B; When Mike and Tim came to visit a couple months ago I put together a special menu for them. These snails were part of it. I started by making a compound butter with shallots, garlic, parsley, salt, pepper, and white wine.

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