Traditional Japanese Ramen (with beef)
Traditional Japanese Ramen (with beef)

Chicken has got to be one of the most universal meats we have got today. You can do so very much with it, and you get consequently much from it. Have you received a really terrific chicken recipe of which every time your family sits along to the table puts a giggle on their face? Most of us do have such a wonderful menu, for some of us it is usually fried chicken, and for others it will be our famous chicken soup.

Traditional Japanese Ramen (with beef) The funny thing about a chicken breast recipe is that you can have the same recipe and alter some sort of couple of ingredients and have a whole new dish. Or you may take an existing recipe that will not contain any chicken at almost all, perhaps that famous pasta salad of which you make, toss in some cubed chicken and you’ve got an entire new chicken recipe that will excite your friends and family for years to come. And of course through that one alteration, you can develop a whole list of new rooster recipe dishes.

Ramen is a very popular noodle soup in Japan. Ramen noodles are originally Chinese style noodles, but it's been changed and improved over the years, and evolved to our own food. There are millions of Ramen restaurants in Japan from mom and pop Chinese restaurants in neighborhoods, Ramen street carts open late at night, to sophisticated Ramen.

To get started with this particular recipe, we have to first prepare a few components. You can cook traditional japanese ramen (with beef) using 16 ingredients and 7 steps. Here is how you can achieve it.

The ingredients needed to make Traditional Japanese Ramen (with beef):
  1. Prepare broth
  2. Get 1 1/2 liter chicken broth
  3. Take 1 tbsp ginger, finely chopped
  4. Take 1 tbsp red pepper, finely chopped (optional, if you like spicy)
  5. Prepare 2 tbsp chives, finely chopped
  6. Get 2 tbsp soy sauce
  7. Make ready 4 tbsp sesame oil
  8. Make ready 2 garlic cloves, finely chopped
  9. Make ready 4 grams Hondashi soup stock
  10. Take 2 tbsp scallion tails (finely chopped)
  11. Take dish
  12. Take 300 grams Rice ramen
  13. Prepare 4 tbsp scallions (just the tails), finely chopped
  14. Get 1 Nori (sushi seaweed) cut in small strips (1x3cm)
  15. Get 2 thin beef steaks, cut in small pieces
  16. Make ready 200 grams bean sprouts

It can also be made in the slow cooker or pressure cooker! Standard ramen: ramen in any flavour of soup with standard ramen toppings, i.e. yakibuta (braised pork) slices, boiled egg, chopped shallots (scallions) and a sheet of nori (roasted seaweed). Otherwise, just use all-purpose flour. there are some great alternatives available in Japan: beef chashu, chicken chashu, and duck chashu. Usually, for beef chashu, the bottom round is used, while for chicken and duck chashu, the breast is most often used.

Instructions to make Traditional Japanese Ramen (with beef):
  1. Prepare all ingredients (chop, cut, etc.)
  2. Start boiling the chicken broth.
  3. Meanwhile, heat a pan with the sesame oil, and start cooking the garlic for 1 minute (until golden.) Then add to the pan the soy sauce, 2tbsp of the scallion tails, the chopped chives, the ginger and the red pepper. Cook for ~2 minutes. This will your ramen broth seasoning.
  4. Pour into the boiling chicken broth the ramen seasoning that you cooked in step 3. Also add the Hondashi soup stock. Keep boiling and stirring the broth for 10 more minutes.
  5. Meanwhile put the rice ramen in plain boiling water. It will take about 3 or 4 minutes to cook. It should be "al dente." Once cooked, rinse it with cold water to stop the cooking process.
  6. Prepare the plate: In a deep soup plate put some rice ramen, some 1 tbsp of the remaining scallions, some bean sprouts, 1/4 of the beef and some Nori leave pieces. TIP: try to accommodate these ingredients in the same way for all plates: just looks nice… :)
  7. Just before serving, pour the prepared broth to fill the plate to serve. Enjoy!

Chashumen is used to refer to a ramen that contains a lot of chashu. "Traditional" ramyun is an easy, Korean-flavored version of Japanese instant ramen. Our reverse-engineered version uses a homemade broth made with dashi, short ribs or oxtail, aromatics, gochujang, and kimchi. The Chinese chili and bean paste doubanjiang rounds out the flavors. Homemade Shin Cup-Style Spicy Korean Ramyun Beef Noodle Soup Recipe ยป The story goes as follows. American girl (the late Brittany Murphy) meets boy and trails him to Japan.

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