Vickys Kids Easter Cupcakes/Farmyard Cake Decoration Instruction
Vickys Kids Easter Cupcakes/Farmyard Cake Decoration Instruction

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Store-bought cake mix makes these cupcakes a breeze, and let's you spend time on the most important part (the decorating!). This is a project the kids can have fun with, from mixing up the batter all the way to the finishing touches. If you are looking for some easy cupcake decorating ideas, check out these cupcakes below.

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To begin with this particular recipe, we have to first prepare a few ingredients. You can have vickys kids easter cupcakes/farmyard cake decoration instruction using 15 ingredients and 14 steps. Here is how you can achieve that.

The ingredients needed to make Vickys Kids Easter Cupcakes/Farmyard Cake Decoration Instruction:
  1. Prepare 1 pre-baked base cake from any cake recipe you like, 1 or 2 layers. Mine is a 1 layer 10" square
  2. Get 9 cupcakes from any recipe you like
  3. Get 150 grams butter/dairy-free spread
  4. Take 350 grams icing/powdered sugar
  5. Take 3 tbsp milk / alternative
  6. Get flavouring as required
  7. Prepare food dye in green, pink and yellow
  8. Prepare 3 large marshmallows, halved
  9. Get 6 mini pink marshmallows, halved
  10. Get 18 chocolate chips for eyes
  11. Prepare 12 orange buttons sweets like Jelly Tots for beaks & feet
  12. Take 1 little cocoa powder
  13. Prepare pink and red coloured glimmer sugar
  14. Prepare black & pink writing icing tubes
  15. Make ready mini chocolate eggs and any other toppers you wish to use ie fences, animal shaped cookies or marshmallows, sugarpaste flowers etc for base cake

Just a few kid-friendly cupcake decorating tips will help everyone to have a fun and memorable time! Have you ever tried decorating cupcakes (or cookies, or cake, or ANYthing crafty) with kids? As a new mom I couldn't wait for my little guy to help out … Whether you're a seasoned cupcake-decorating pro or a complete rookie when it comes to decorating cupcakes, we've got decorating tips to help you make these beautiful treats that can prove too cute to eat. Make dazzling cupcakes with icing, fruit or buttercream frosting that will surely be a hit to kids and adults alike.

Steps to make Vickys Kids Easter Cupcakes/Farmyard Cake Decoration Instruction:
  1. First make the buttercream by mixing the butter and icing sugar together until combined. Add as much milk as required to loosen the mix so it's spreadable and flavour with a few drops of extract of your choice
  2. Split the buttercrean into 4 equal parts. Colour one part pink, 1 part yellow and 1 part green
  3. Spread the green buttercream over your base cake, not quite to the edges so it looks like grass over soil. Let it stand while you ice the cupcakes
  4. Ice 3 cupcakes pink, 3 yellow and 3 with uncoloured buttercream
  5. Go back to the base cake. Using a fork, flick all over the setting buttercream so it goes a bit spikey to resemble the grass better
  6. Do the same to the yellow cupcakes to make fluffy feathers
  7. Dip the large mallows, sticky side down in the glimmer sugar and press into the middle of each pink and plain cupcake
  8. Push the orange button shaped sweets into the yellow cupcakes to make the beaks and feet of the chicks
  9. Push in the chocolate chips above the noses and beaks to make the animals eyes
  10. Press the halved mini mallows onto the tops of the plain cupcakes stick side down to make the cows ears
  11. For the pigs, pinch the mini mallows to make them into an oval shape and press them in sticky side up
  12. Pipe 2 black dots of writing icing onto the cows snouts to make nostrils. Do the same to the pigs but use pink
  13. Mix a little cocoa with any leftover plain buttercream and use it to make the splodge markings on the cows faces
  14. On my base cake I used a sugarpaste barn, duck shaped marshmallows and mini chocolate eggs. It would be another idea to use chenille easter chicks, plastic fences or other toy animals, let your imagination pave the way!

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